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Tamora Pierce
13 December 1954
This is the official online life journal of the author, Tamora Pierce. Yep, I finally did it. And don't laugh because I picked LJ instead of MySpace or FaceBook--LJ is what I know, and I'm comfortable with it!

If you want my biostuff, it's all on my webpage, at great and hideous length. Ditto my list of books, and all the innumerable other factoids that trail a person around when she's been publishing books since 1983.

This page is for me and my fans and anyone else who just wants to talk about whatever, except on this page I promise to keep my potty mouth clean (no disappointed moans, please!), and I'll try not to make anyone terminally angry. I probably won't succeed. I have very strong opinions, and strong opinions, like strong cheese, seem to upset people A LOT.

So even if you aren't a fan, come and talk books, music, movies, life, the universe, and everything!

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